• What is the eligibility criterion when applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

At Brandy Phones, we believe that so long as you are of the legal age and in some of form of employment then you are eligible to apply for our amazing bad credit mobile phone deals. Please note that your credit status has no bearing on whether you get approved or not. Your approval is almost always assured.

• How affordable are your bad credit mobile phone contracts considering I have bad credit?

Brandy Phones understand that most other providers tend to charge exorbitantly when it comes to mobile phone contracts simply because of the fact that people have bad credit. However, this is not the case at Brandy Phones. We are committed to offering affordable deals to our customers and making them feel appreciated.

• How long does it take before I get approved for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

Brandy Phones believes in according our customers the best experience. We therefore ensure that we approve mobile phone contracts within the shortest time possible. Our approvals never go beyond 48 hours provided that you have provided all the information we require.

• How diverse are your mobile phone handsets?

Brandy Phones understand that our customers have different tastes as well as preferences. As such, we have availed as many handsets as possible to our customers to enable them choose a handset that delights them. Whether it’s an iPhone, a Samsung galaxy, a HTC, a Moto G, a Huawei or any other kind of handset you desire, Brandy Phones has got you covered.

• Am I guaranteed of an approval even if I have bad credit?

Yes! You need not worry when applying for bad credit mobile phone contracts with us. Considering the fact that our deals are meant for people with bad credit, you can rest assured that your application is a guaranteed approval unless you omit some things during application that are important for approval.

• Do you require that I make an upfront payment?

Yes. Require that you make a small amount as upfront. This is not in any way designed to discourage you but rather to mitigate our risks. In addition to that, your upfront payment will be refunded to you at the end of your contract together with interest. You therefore need not worry.

• Am I free to choose a network of my own preference or are you deciding for me?

Brandy Phones has liaised with various network providers and therefore you don’t need to worry about being implored to choose a bad credit mobile phone contract in a network that is alien to yours. We have various deals across all popular networks and therefore you can rest assured that you have a free hand to choose a network of your choice.

• Do you also offer bad credit mobile phone contracts for refurbished phones?

Brandy Phones understand that its customers have different budgets and needs and that is why we are always committed to offering choices to them. You have the liberty to go for a brand new phone or you can alternative choose to go for a refurbished phone depending on your tastes, budget and preferences.

• What is the minimum commitment period?

Ordinarily, the standard commitment period for a mobile phone contract is 12 months. However, at Brandy Phones, we require that those applying for bad credit mobile phone contracts be committed for at least 18 months. The longer the contract period you choose the less the monthly payment you make and vice versa.