About Us

One of the respected, trusted and credible providers in the UK, Brandy Phones continues to exceed expectations of customers by offering affordable and amazing bad credit mobile phone deals. We believe in making our customers from every corner of the UK feel appreciated and loved. From our inception, we have made significant steps in developing bad credit mobile phone contracts deals that appeal to customers from different facets of life. We strongly believe that at no time should bad credit be used to deny people their basic right in so far as usage of mobile phones is concerned.

In this regard, we have put in place a number of measures designed to ensure that our customers enjoy not only the best deals in the market but that they also feel loved, cherished and appreciated. In our attempt to offer high quality and top notch services, we have enlisted the help and services of highly trained customer personnel whose many years of experience in advising customers has been the springboard to our success as a provider.

At brandy Phones, our customers come first and we believe that their happiness positively reflects and informs our stature as one of the leading bad credit mobile phone contracts across the UK. In view of the above, we are always dynamic and committed to creating an enabling environment for our esteemed customers. Our customer personnel are not only courteous but also treat our customer with utmost professionalism. The amazing thing about us is that we do not discriminate our customers on the basis of their credit rating. We are always committed to bringing on board be a part of our greater vision. If you feel like you have faced too many disappointments and rejections, then Brandy Phones is your provider of your choice. We are always willing to welcome you with open arms and put a smile on your face.